New Prescriptions

Most new prescriptions are submitted electronically to your preferred pharmacy at the end of the business day. You can confirm if/when your prescription has been submitted and verify which pharmacy we have on file by checking the patient portal.


In order to ensure that we prescribe medications that are in stock at your preferred pharmacy and covered by your insurance, we ask that you initiate refill requests for all non-Schedule II prescriptions directly with your pharmacy. The process is simple. Just call your pharmacy and tell them what refill you need. The pharmacy will verify what's in stock and covered, then fax or electronically send us the original request and/or recommended substitutions. Our staff can then approve it or work directly with your pharmacy to make any changes. Or staff responds to pharmacy refill requests at the end of each business day. Our designated fax number for prescriptions is 312-967-5879.

Schedule II Controlled substances

Some Schedule II substances such as Adderall, Vyvance and Vicodin can be useful for controlling symptoms of ADHD and pain but have a high potential for misuse and are, therefore, closely controlled by local, state, and federal governments. These substances are only prescribed by this practice on a very limited basis and when prescribed; patients must agree to and abide by a Controlled Substance Agreement. Phone requests, early refills, and any other action that differ from then the policies described in the Controlled Substance Agreement will not be permitted.