Dr. Gilleon is in-network with Medicare, Medicaid, and nearly every major commercial payer; including: Blue Cross Blue Shied, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana.

Even though Dr. Gilleon is in-network with all of these payers, it does not necessarily mean she is in-network with all of their plans. Payers constantly add and remove plans. We often don't find out if Dr. Gilleon is included in a specific plan until we receive a patient inquiry.

It can take a long time for insurance companies to update new practice information. While Gilleon Health is in the process of enrolling with each payer.

The best way to determine if Dr. Gilleon is in-network with your plan is to call your plan directly. We can bill your insurance as an in-network provider if they tell you that Gilleon Health has in-network status. They may ask you for our National Provider Identifier (NPI) number which are listed below.

  • Dr. Gilleon NPI: 1962638148

  • Gilleon Health NPI: 1639650062

If you call your insurance company and still can't determine if Dr. Gilleon is in-network for your plan, just provide us a copy of your insurance card, front and back, and we'll be happy to find out for you.

Finally, even if Dr. Gilleon is not listed as an in-network provider, most insurance plans - especially PPOs - provide out-of-network benefits.