Cherie Gilleon, D.O.

Cherie Gilleon, DO

Dr. Gilleon is a board certified Family Medicine Physician. She completed her training at  Presence St. Joseph Hospital and soon after started Midwest Family Wellness, a hospital based Family Medicine clinic in Lakeview. During this time, Dr. Gilleon was elected by her peers serve as Department of Medicine Chairwoman and on several hospital committees.

While caring for her geriatric patients at Midwest Family Wellness, Dr. Gilleon found herself compelled to improve the quality of medical care provided to nursing home residents. This resulted in the formation of her second practice, MPAC Healthcare. A few years later, Dr. Gilleon left Midwest Family Wellness to focus exclusively on MPAC Healthcare. Today, the company offers a wide range of clinical programs operating across Illinois, Indiana, Florida and California.

While serving as the Founder and Chief Medical Officer Officer of a multifaceted healthcare organization has been rewarding, Dr. Gilleon found herself craving more direct patient contact. During her time away from the clinic, she became increasingly aware of the lack of adequate medical care available everyone regardless of their race, gender identity,  citizenship, or socioeconomic circumstances.

Motivated by the belief everyone has a right to bigot-free healthcare, Dr. Gilleon launched Gilleon Health in August of 2018. Gilleon Health is the culmination of Dr. Gilleon’s activist spirit and years of experience as a healthcare executive. At Gilleon Health, she has set out to build a judgement-free medical home in which dignity, compassion and respect for everyone is just the start.

Dr. Gilleon is admittedly obsessed with ballroom dancing. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two dogs.