A big trend in healthcare today is what is known as hospital based out-patient clinics. In this type of facility, the clinic functions as a department of the hospital. The hospital provides clinic space, equipment, supplies, administrative staff, clinical support staff, i.e. medical assistants, nurses, etc. and contracts a physician group to provide the doctor(s). Under this type of arrangement, the hospital charges a facility fee while the physician group charges a separate and reduced, "professional fee".  

In 2011, Dr. Gilleon created a physician group which she named Midwest Family Wellness. During that time, she was contracted to provide care at a hospital based out-patient clinic in Uptown. Over time, Dr. Gilleon came to feel that such a structure was oppressive. However, a non-compete clause in her contract would prohibit her from practicing medicine anywhere near this hospital. 

The arrangement finally reached its breaking point in 2016 when Dr. Gilleon decided she could no longer operate in a hospital based clinic. Unfortunately, that non-compete contract restricted her from communicating to her patients that she was leaving. 

In August of 2018, her contractual restrictions no longer an obstacle, Dr. Gilleon started a new clinic in Andersonville. Gilleon Health is a traditional physician office, completely independent of hospital or medical group affiliation. Gilleon Health is now accountable for everything including the space, equipment and making all our wonderful employees happy. It also means that patients are billed by a single entity, i.e., no more secondary bills from a hospital!

Our new practice is marketed as Gilleon Health. However, until we complete the transition to change our insurance enrollment to Gilleon Health, the billing continues under the original name of 'Midwest Family Wellness'. Please keep this in mind if you receive a statement from your insurance company.