Great Lakes Clinical Trials

At Gilleon Health, we actively seek collaborative relationships with like-minded, pioneering institutions tackling some of healthcare's most significant challenges. Great Lakes Clinical Trails (GLCT) is one such organization.

GLCT is an independent, phase I-IV clinical trials center that specializes in the study of investigational medications, food products, devices and supplements for the treatment of chronic diseases. Currently, their primary studies are within the fields of Mental Health, Memory Disorders, Pain Management, Nutrition and Women's Health.

While Gilleon Health subleases office space at our Andersonville location from GLCT, there is absolutely no common ownership or overlapping financial interest between the two organizations. Gilleon Health, Dr. Gilleon, et al, do not receive referral fees or any form of compensation from GLCT. Simply put, Gilleon Health and GLCT are kindred spirits and fortunate to be neighbors!